Elda Fresco
Bronze iron 30×35 cm


Honorary Contemporary Artist

Elda Fresko

Elda Fresko was born on July 26, 1969 in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1988 she took stylistic and charcoal drawing lessons. While there she learned to be one with art and discover her free spirit.  With the goal to be an artist, in 1997, she decided to take sculpture lessons from a prominent sculptor Irfan Korkmazlar. At first, she started by copying famous sculptures and displaying them locally. After three years she had completed her first bronze sculpture. Later, she went to Marmara University and took extra lessons from Ziyaettin Kurtev, a famous Turkish artist. Right around that time she had completed her first original

sculpture. In the year 2001 she took pattern and nude art classes from Yunus Tonkus, another famous artist. From that point on she made around three sculptures per year each time evolving and doing something different than the one before. She expanded her horizon and added different materials to her artworks. By the year 2013 rolled around she had more than thirty sculptures made. Around that time, she decided to further explore the thing she was in love with, art. She took art history lessons from Yalçın Sadak. In the year 2014, most of the sculptures she made had some form of iron on it. Iron became her go to material to bring something different to her art. In 2018 she participated in “1492: Göke” Exhibition organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London and also participated in Paris Carrousel Du Louvre.

Throughout all these years she has taken sculpting classes from late Irfan Korkmazlar and from his equally talented wife Zehra Korkmazlar. She is still working at Zehra Korkmazlar atelier.

The artist represents people’s interior worlds and emotions, and how are these seen from the exterior. Her primary focuses are male and female figures. She loves working on art that includes women because she believes that women represent a lot of things in life. The beauty in their stance, the mystery. All her sculptures have individual names and they get these names from her own experiences. She loves art with more than one message in it and she thinks that everyone should interpret art differently. She wants her art to touch people’s souls and evoke hidden emotions.

Elda is a brilliant sculptor for whom figures play a large role for her inspiration to create. Her intention for every sculpture is to make them unique.

Picture of Elda Fresko

Elda Fresko

Artist Sculptress


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