“Traces of a Multicultural Heritage”

Collective Art Exhibition of Turkish Sephardic Artists
1th June – 14th June 2023

Terry Katalan

Terry KatalanEarth CarpetMixed Media on oil painting on Canvas, Collage900 x 150 cm This project has been dearly supported by the Yunus Emre Institute of

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Verda Habib

Verda HabibGalata TowerWatercolor50×60 cm Watercolor Artist Verda was born in 1962, in Istanbul. She has studied in Notre Dame de Sion High school and then

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Tuna Angel

Tuna AngelSurvivorPhotography60×90 cm Photographer As a consul-trainer giving seminars on executive and personal development in Turkey and abroad for 21 years, She has started taking

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Tania Sisa

Tania SisaOld City View of IstanbulMixed Media on oil painting40×60 cm Photographer Tania Sisa was born in Istanbul in the year 1971 into a Sephardic

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Sibel Razzon

Sibel RazzonKamondo StairsPhotography60×90 cm Photographer Sibel was born in Istanbul in 1967. She studied Computer Engineering at Yıldız Technical University and is a mother of

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Sheila Gulman Niyego

Sheila Gulman NiyegoDancing in the RainAcrylic pouring medium paint40×50 cm Contemporary Artist Sheila Niyego, born in Istanbul in 1958, completed her studies abroad and returned

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Seyfi İşman

Seyfi İşmanThe Sun Rises from the East Mixed Media on oil painting120×100 cm Contemporary Artist Born in Istanbul, Seyfi İşman graduated from Marmara Dentistry Faculty

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Sera Ilel

Sera IlelConstellation IIPorcelain Wall Panels60×60 cm x 2 sets Artist Ceramist Sera was born in 1965 in Istanbul, Turkey and lived in Boston, USA and

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Sara Özsarfati

Sara ÖzsarfatiSilent StreetMixed Media on oil painting100×130 cm Contemporary Artist Sara was born in 1959 in Izmir, Turkey. After graduating from American College Institute İzmir,

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Sara Aji

Sara AjiUntitledCeramic40×40 cm Artist Ceramist Born in 1957 in Adana, Sara graduated from Marmara Fine Arts Faculty with a Ceramics Degree. Since 1982 she has

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Salvator Barki

Salvator BarkiRepublic Day in Turkey Photography60×90 cm Photographer Salvator was born in August 1956 in Istanbul. His first experience with a camera was a SLR

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Rozita Kasuto

Rozita KasutoMy IstanbulEnameled copper oxide raku95×95 cm Enamel Artist Rozita was born in 1965 in Istanbul. Between 1983 and 1987 she studied in Marmara University

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Rosy Maçoro

Rosy MaçoroNostalgiaBronzeDiameter: 13x12x50 (Man)Diameter: 13x15x48 (Woman) Artist Sculptress Rosy Maçoro was born in 1959. She graduated from Saint-Michel High School. Between 1980 and 1983 the

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Perlet Boveland

Perlet BovelandFree SpiritMixed Media100×100 cm Contemporary Artist Perlet Boveland was born in Istanbul and is currently a Düsseldorf based multidisciplinary visual artist. She completed her

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Niso Maçoro

Niso MaçoroNeve Shalom SynagoguePhotography60×90 cm Photographer Born in Istanbul in 1956, Niso is a mechanical engineer.  In  recent  years he took hundreds of photos in

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Nelly Yaffe

Nelly YaffeSealBronze65x28x40cm Artist Sculptress She has always been interested in sculpture. As she was exploring ways of turning this interest into an engagement with sculpting,

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Moris Sabaner

Moris SabanerUntitledMixed Media on oil painting150×150 cm Contemporary Artist Moris was born in 1964 in İstanbul. Through a long period, he has received painting classes

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Mara Gülerşen

Mara GülerşenEyeBronze-Ceramic -Wood Diameter: 80 cm Artist Ceramist Born in Istanbul in 1965, Mara studied her high- school years in Israel and that is when

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Lina Basmacı

Lina BasmacıRainMixed Media on acrylic75×120 cm Contemporary Artist Lina was born in 1963 in Adana, Turkey and graduated from American College Institute, Istanbul. Her art

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Lidya Kohen

Lidya KohenReflection of Galata Tower Photography60×90 cm Photographer Lidya was born on 5th of April 1971 in İstanbul. She studied at Istanbul University, Faculty  of 

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Jinet Halyo Toledo

Jinet Halyo ToledoAda VapuruPaper Marbling – Ebru50×70 cm Paper Marbling Artist Sephardic  Ebru  artist  Jinet   was  born in Istanbul in  1967  where  she  studied at

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Jak Baruh

JAK BARUHOld Mosque EdirnePhotography60×90 cm Photographer Jak made experiments in analogous photography in Switzerland, and then he began to live in London during his postgraduate

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Hilda Uziyel

Hilda was born in Istanbul in 1952 into a Sephardic family. She is a graduate of Istanbul University, French Philology, and a mother of two

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Henri Kandiyoti

Henri was born and lives in Istanbul/ Turkey. He had been taking analogue photos since his childhood. Later, he focused on digital photography more intensely.

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Eti Koen

In 1990 Eti Koen attended Linda Robinson’s classical patchwork classes at the Turkish-American University Association.

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Esti Saul

The artist born in İstanbul in 1940-2022, Esti Saul has been interested in drawing since her primary school years. At the Lycee Notre Dame De

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Elda Fresko

Elda Fresko was born on July 26, 1969 in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1988 she took stylistic and charcoal drawing lessons. While there she learned to

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Dalya Anter Baruh

Since 1990, Dalya has worked in her own atelier creating unique vessel forms inspired by natural elements such as plants and landscapes. She is employing

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İzzet Keribar

Born in 1936 in İstanbul, İzzet Keribar became interested in photography at an early age. In 1957 he spent a year in Korea, where he

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Habib Gerez

Habib Gerez was born in 1926 in Ortaköy, Istanbul (1926-2022). He has had 142 personal exhibits of his works, 33 of them being overseas. He

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