Esti Saul
Fragmentos de la Vida
Oil painting on canvas
100×150 cm


Honorary Contemporary Artist

Esti Saul

The artist born in İstanbul in 1940-2022, Esti Saul has been interested in drawing since her primary school years. At the Lycee Notre Dame De Sion she was encouraged by her teachers to improve her drawing skills.

She took her first drawing course in the 60’s from an artist called Neset Gunal and later she studied art in France with Fernand Leger. She also studied History of Art with O. Altan. Esti has  worked with Professor G. Anlagan and Professor Taktak from Mimar Sinan University, at the Art and Sculpture Museum from 1986 till 1998. The artist gave drawing lessons to children of 5-12 years old in the Burgaz Island Holiday Camp and to some other groups as well.

She gave conferences in İstanbul about Camillle Pissaro, an impressionist painter, and Leopold Levy, a French painter  whose  paintings  are  inspired from the Bible. Since March 2005 she has been in charge of the section ‘El Amaneser’, the Judeo-Spanish part of the Salom newspaper in Turkey. For her art pieces she works with pastel, acrylic and oil paint.

In 2005, to celebrate her 50th year in art, she showcased her 25th solo exhibition, which she named “The Joy of Living”. Her latest art work “The Sea Shell” was also in that collection and she won an award for that artwork at the Military Naval Forces Exhibition in Aya İrini Museum in 2009. In 2018, she participated in “1492: Göke” Exhibition organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London at La Galleria Pall Mall.

Her works take place in many private collections, both local  and foreign. She has exhibited extensively both in Istanbul and abroad and she continues to produce her beautiful artworks regularly in Istanbul.

Esti Saul is an excellent artist with a sense of movement and line. Her paintings are colourful and full of feelings. She has a huge ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto the canvas. Esti is a very well- known name for the Sephardic art and culture in Istanbul.

Picture of Esti Saul

Esti Saul

Honorary Contemporary Artist


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