İzzet Keribar
Green Mausoleum
Bursa Photo Collage
70×100 cm


Honorary Photographer

İzzet Keribar

Born in 1936 in İstanbul, İzzet Keribar became interested in photography at an early age. In 1957 he spent a year in Korea, where he was doing his military service, taking photographs and developing his technique and approach. Photographs that he took while spending a year doing his military service in Korea enabled him to gain experience and develop his technique.

After a long interval, Keribar returned to photography once again  in  1980 and since then he has been traveling and taking photographs in Turkey and abroad. The images which he has captured both at home and in countless countries around the world as well as his photographic slide and digital projects make up one of our country’s most important photographic archives.

İzzet Keribar is an honorary member of many professional associations in Turkey. He was awarded the International Federation of Photographic Art’s “AFIAP” (artist) distinction in 1985 and its “EFIAP” (excellence) distinction in 1988. Keribar has been holding personal exhibitions and shows of his photographs and slides in Turkey and other countries since 1982. Later, in 1991 the French Government gave him a “Chevalier dans les Arts Académique” distinction, during the same year he won the 2nd prize from National Geographic Traveler magazine contest and the first prize from the Jerusalem Post, among thousands of participants. He has also had many books published and conducted courses in photography at many organizations. Frequently invited to be a member of photographic competition juries in Turkey, Keribar’s works are to be found in private and museum collections in Turkey and abroad.

The recipient of numerous national and international awards, Keribar has been pursuing photography as a profession for two decades. In the course of his career he has contributed to the development of photography as an art in Turkey as well as to the country’s international reputation in the photographic arts. He received the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry’s “Grand Artistic Award” in 2012 and most recently the Turkish Presidency’s “Grand Cultural and Artistic Award” in 2018.

İzzet Keribar is one of the most well-known pioneer photographers in Istanbul and all around the world.

Picture of İzzet Keribar

İzzet Keribar

Honorary Photographer


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