Old Mosque Edirne
60×90 cm



Jak Baruh

Jak made experiments in analogous photography in Switzerland, and then he began to live in London during his postgraduate studies. When he settled finally in New York where he would stay for a long time, he became professionally engaged in photography, producing creative works.

The structure of New York as an ultra- modern city, gigantic skyscrapers, with a human crowd flowing in a rapid rhythm in all streets, as well as the colorful, lively cosmopolitan texture composed by all kinds of people from all races deeply influenced Baruh. He kept his camera

always on himself, capturing this melting pot of different cultures and other cities with the unique sensitivity of an artist. Jak Baruh, following years spent in Europe and the USA, returned to Istanbul.

Subjective images selected and captured on photograph from the multi- layered outer world resulted eventually in Jak Baruh’s photographic series. For the artist capturing social, political, physical images and facts of the world is a great adventure in itself. In every photographic series where a different story is told, Baruh peels off cultural layers one by one, using in his frames tones akin to local and cultural colors. Today Jak Baruh, in his multi-layered works using digital technology, through his structured original compositions, combines the concept of city and natural elements together with modern and contemporary human faces, and creates a brand new aesthetical structure.

His works are included in the collection of the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Jak is an outstanding photographer and a magnificent representative of civilisations, human origins and different cultures.

Picture of Jak Baruh

Jak Baruh



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