Jinet Halyo Toledo
Ada Vapuru
Paper Marbling – Ebru
50×70 cm


Paper Marbling Artist

Jinet Halyo Toledo

Sephardic  Ebru  artist  Jinet   was  born in Istanbul in  1967  where  she  studied at Saint Michel French High school and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Tourism. She  worked at private companies as interior designer and architect for 17 years. She later worked in finance before finding her love of Ebru (Turkish Paper Marbling) and deciding to do it professionally. After studying Ebru and learning  from  some of the masters in Istanbul, in 2018 she opened her own studio where she works on her own art as well as giving lessons to upcoming Ebru artists.

She has participated in various exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Some of the exhibitions that she attended are: Collective Ebru Exhibition, Besiktas Municipality Istanbul, Turkey 2017; Collective Ebru Exhibition, Mardin Museum Istanbul, Turkey 2018; Traditional Spring Exhibition, Balat Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey 2018; Tiran National Historical Museum Collective Ebru Exhibition Tiran, Albania 2018; Gazi Antep Prime Mall Personal Exhibition Antep, Turkey 2019; Cumhuriyet Art Gallery of Taksim Istanbul, Turkey 2019

Jinet has an amazing sense of creation and her Ebru’s are always related to life and nature.

Picture of Jinet Halyo Toledo

Jinet Halyo Toledo

Paper Marbling Artist


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