Lidya Kohen
Reflection of Galata Tower
60×90 cm



Lidya Kohen

Lidya was born on 5th of April 1971 in İstanbul. She studied at Istanbul University, Faculty  of  Letters.  After her corporate experience in sales and marketing in the film and advertising sectors, she paused her business career. That’s when her photography adventure began. As Lidya became increasingly involved in the art of photography, she realized that she could transfer  her own perspective in this way. She is very enchanted to reflect the world in which she lives through the art of photography.

Lidya’s   passion   for   the   world   of photography has increased through training and workshops. After a while, she decided to improve her skills in studio photography and got training in this field. During this period, she continued her studies on food photography and food styling. She photographed for the “Sephardic Cuisine” and “Recipes from the Heart’’ cookbooks. In later times she also participated in several projects and galleries in the different fields of photography.

Lidya is also professionally taking stock photography, food photography and still life. Her photographs are exhibited in various exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. She participated in the ‘Bountiful Empire’ exhibition organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London in 2019.

Photography is a tool to reflect her own perspective about the world in which we live in. It allows her to capture the meaningful and significant moments and freeze it forever. It is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

Lidya’s beautiful photographs are often colourful and lively, demonstrating a strong sense of observation, which is inspired by life itself.


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