Lina Basmacı
Mixed Media on acrylic
75×120 cm


Contemporary Artist

Lina Basmacı

Lina was born in 1963 in Adana, Turkey and graduated from American College Institute, Istanbul.

Her art journey began in Mahir Güven Studio in Istanbul where she took painting classes from 1992 till 2002. In 1997 she also attended an Art History Programme with Arşo Kasbaryan for 2 years. Since 2013 Lina has been painting with Altan Çelem Consultancy.

The artist initially uses the stain technique to transfer her vision on the canvas and then slowly develops the artwork by building more colours and details on it.

Apart from painting, in 2015 the artist has also had Photography education with tutor Niko Guido and fell in love with photography. Now she is a member of a photography group called “Photography Travellers” and she travels all around the world with them to capture unique and breath-taking photos.

In 2017 Lina won 2 important photography awards in Turkey, which are “Ara Güler Photography Award” and “İzzet Keribar Photography Award”. She also received the “Izzet Keribar Boğaziçi Cup”, “İbrahim Zaman Photography Award” and “Yücel Tunca Photography Award”. Since 2019, She is a member of IFSAK. For her paintings she uses the photographs that she has taken as an inspiration and very often she combines both her photographs and art on one canvas. She mostly chooses to use mixed media techniques for her artworks.

Between 1998 and 2006 Lina had many exhibitions in various galleries in İstanbul such as Ekav Art Gallery and Gallery Artist. Her artworks were exposed in Cannes, France in 2008 and in Tokyo, Japan in 2009. The artist has participated in the exhibition “Artistas Sefardies” in Barcelona in 2014. Since then she has exhibited in many different art and photography exhibitions in Turkey. Most recently, her photographs were displayed in Budapest, Hungary. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Istanbul, including “Every Woman is a World”, “World Children” photography exhibition, and the “I am listening to Istanbul” photo series.

Lina is a brilliant artist who has always been inspired by culture and history to create playful works that explore “being in the moment”. Her artworks are colourful and do a fantastic job in capturing the essence of a place.

Picture of Lina Basmacı

Lina Basmacı

Contemporary Artist


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