Mara Gülerşen
Bronze-Ceramic -Wood
Diameter: 80 cm


Artist Ceramist

Mara Gülerşen

Born in Istanbul in 1965, Mara studied her high- school years in Israel and that is when she fell in love with ceramics. She took classes from many different artists. In 1986 she graduated from Marmara University in Istanbul with an Accounting degree. Right after graduating, she started to design and manufacture belts for large companies. During those years she also took ceramic classes in Müfide Çalık-Nüans Art Studio and Meercat Art Studio.

In 1994, Mara started to design and manufacture ceramic accessories and sell them to well- known brands in Istanbul, under the name of ‘Scorpio Accessories’.

After a visit to RUMİ in Konya she changed her path in 2000 she opened her first studio and started to give ceramic classes to children. At the same time, she took art therapy courses that gave a great influence on her. With the years she gave many classes to people from any age.

She discovered and witnessed the healing power and the transformation the MUD can do. Mara experienced this process herself, during her mother’s death due to illness and the subsequent mourning period. Her first wall art ‘tree of life’ took place in one of the biggest Synagogues in Istanbul under her mother’s name.

In 2001 she opened a ceramic studio in Kemerburgaz, Istanbul and took Art Therapy classes from foreign teachers. Meanwhile Mara has started to teach how to work with ceramics to children both in her own studio and in schools. With her students, she has participated in many exhibitions in various museums of Istanbul.

In 2007, she moved her studio to Etiler, Istanbul and now Mara and her team continue to work on ceramics and find out more about its mystics in that studio. In 2018 she participated in “1492: Göke” Exhibition organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London

Mara’s biggest wish is to fill the hospitals empty-cold walls with art and give some hope to the eyes and hearts of the public.

Today, Mara has many wall arts, art works and sculptures in many hospitals, factories, hotels, restaurants and houses in Turkey. She continues to perform her ceramic works in Istanbul collaborating with various well-known design shops.

Mara’s ceramics are colourful and does a fantastic job in capturing the feeling of a place She uses different techniques in her ceramics influenced by her environment and daily experience. Mara is a colourful and marvellous Sephardic artist whose work is influenced by an eclectic array of sensibilities and she successfully transmits her inner beauty to her ceramics.

Picture of Mara Gülerşen

Mara Gülerşen

Artist Ceramist


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