Nelly Yaffe


Artist Sculptress

Nelly Yaffe

She has always been interested in sculpture. As she was exploring ways of turning this interest into an engagement with sculpting, in a stroke of luck she met her instructor İrfan Korkmazlar. Sculpting rapidly turned into a veritable passion for her. In it she discovered a new meaning for her life. She began by working on reproductions of classical sculptures. Then she practiced with live models.

After three years of intense immersion to sculpting she started shaping her own original work. The female body has been central to the theme of my work. She molded it with symbols and images from nature. In 2005 she joined the Yunus Tonkuş workshop to improve her skills doing figures and working with live models. As she tried to develop herself and be seasoned as a sculptor she took art history classes from Yalçın Sadak. Since 2013, she works at the studio of Zehra Korkmazlar where she works on transforming my dreams into sculpting. The artist’s work is mostly in bronze, metal and occasionally she uses ceramics.

Nelly has an amazing sense of creation and her artworks transmit its own energy and beauty.

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Nelly Yaffe

Artist Sculptress


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