Niso Maçoro
Neve Shalom Synagogue
60×90 cm



Niso Maçoro

Born in Istanbul in 1956, Niso is a mechanical engineer.  In  recent  years he took hundreds of photos in the countries that he travelled in. In his high school years, he was the president of the photography club. After several years, when the ‘fire of photography adventure’ started within him, Niso finally took a basic photographic education in 2014. His photo shoots, which started as adventure, became his passion and brought a new color to his life.

As a lover of Istanbul, photography is life for him, an unlimited journey with the feelings and reminders of love and happiness.

Niso is a member of FIAP(Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) and İFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association).

Last year, one of Niso’s photos was accepted and published in the National Geographic magazine. This year, he has received awards in eight different countries through FIAP supported photography competitions. Most recently, he won two gold medals in Circuit Child 2017, a FIAP-supported competition in Serbia, Russia. With 60 different works across 20 countries, Niso has participated in 40 international competitions with FIAP patronage. He has also received more than 10 gold and silver medals across 270 exhibitions, and was awarded the EFIAP (Excellence) title by the International Photography Federation (FIAP).

Niso has participated in workshops with photography artist Timurtaş Onan, including projects such as “Golden Horn and its Neighbourhoods’, “Light and Shadows” and “Istanbul in my dreams”. Lastly, he is taking part in the “I’m Istanbul (Ben Istanbul)” project with Niko Guido. His aim in this project is to document Istanbul with photographs and transfer it to the world and to future generations. Furthermore, he is continuing to participate in international exhibitions and competitions.

Niso’s brilliant photographs reflect life itself. He has a huge ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto his photographs.

Picture of Niso Maçoro

Niso Maçoro



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