Perlet Boveland
Free Spirit
Mixed Media
100×100 cm


Contemporary Artist

Perlet Boveland

Perlet Boveland was born in Istanbul and is currently a Düsseldorf based multidisciplinary visual artist. She completed her undergraduate degree in fashion design at Marmara University in Istanbul. Her works are combinations of paper, fabrics and spirited colours; they are the outcomes of spontaneous inspirations. Her work as a freelancer primarily focuses on creating art collections for various clients indifferent fields.

The artist who is fascinated by the colour and shapes inspired by the environment surrounding her. Perlet reflects on the

sentiments and nostalgia surrounding the ongoing process of life. The artist is using vibrant colours and her paintings are highly textural, and have a strong sense of life and immediacy.

Perlet in her art as in this catalogue, aims to show the connection and the harmony within nature. The layers in this art piece represent many lives and experiences. The golden details and the different patterns depicts that all lives are unique.

Perlet is a splendid sephardic artist who paints with observation and her contemporary art is about light and texture, which reflects life itself.

Picture of Perlet Boveland

Perlet Boveland

Contemporary Artist


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