Rosy Maçoro
Diameter: 13x12x50 (Man)
Diameter: 13x15x48 (Woman)


Artist Sculptress

Rosy Maçoro

Rosy Maçoro was born in 1959. She graduated from Saint-Michel High School. Between 1980 and 1983 the artist studied tourism in the United States, where she started being  interested  in the fine arts. During these years, she participated in various workshops.

After returning to Turkey, she had the chance to meet with famous sculptor İrfan Korkmazlar in 1989 and has studied with him for a decade.

In 2000 she established her own atelier in Istanbul. Between  1999  and  2005 she started a sculpture workshop for children in a summer camp in one of the Princes Islands. She is currently continuing her creations in her atelier in İstanbul. She participated in the ‘1492: Göke’ exhibition organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London in 2018.

The artist is represented in numerous sculpture collections around the world and in Istanbul. Rosy Maçoro is a member of the IAA (International Association of Art) and GESAM.

The artist is intrigued by new ideas or creativity with an outstanding approach who redefines femininity in her art of sculpture. Rosy’s achievement in sculpture is distinctive, influential and her focus is always to capture the real character.

Rosy has an amazing sense of creation. Her perfectionism and life energy has been translated into her sculptures through their universal appeal and beauty.

Picture of Rosy Maçoro

Rosy Maçoro

Artist Sculptress


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