Rozita Kasuto
My Istanbul
Enameled copper oxide raku
95×95 cm


Enamel Artist

Rozita Kasuto

Rozita was born in 1965 in Istanbul. Between 1983 and 1987 she studied in Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Architecture.

She took several certificate programs which include: Introduction to Metal Courses   –   Processing,    Education of Enamel (General), Chasing and Repoussé, Thurmanite (Paper glue and resin Techniques), Mold shaping in Metal (Press), Advanced Enamel Techniques (Cloisonné) and Metal and glass shaping Workshop.

The artist believes that enamel is a form of glass art. Although this technique has been around since Ancient Egypt, there are very few artists who employ it as an art form in Turkey today. The same goes for people who know enamel production and appreciate its value.

Rozita Kasuto aspires to take this art form to a totally different place by combining nature as an endless source of inspiration and her background as an architect. To this end, she will continue to create both real and surreal 10×10 and 20×20 artworks of enamel in addition to objects of daily use.

She does not only apply enamel to flat surfaces of copper, but also likes to explore three-dimensional compositions by enameling objects after applying fold forming techniques to hammered copper. As she keeps experimenting with different techniques, her fascination grows with the endless possibilities enamel offers. She invites us to go along with her to watch the trinity of glass, metal, and soil and the captivating colours the glass radiates.

From 1984 to the present, she has exhibited in various exhibitions and festivals in Istanbul, and she is constantly creating her artworks in her own workshop. In 2018, she participated in “1492: Göke” Exhibition organized by Yunus Emre Institute in London.

She is a member of the Chamber of Interior Design, International Enamel Society Association and International Women of Istanbul.

Both her enamel designs and interior design works are inspired by nature itself. The Ingenious artist says, “Enamel cannot hold on to anywhere without the existence of raw metal, the same as we cannot live without the existence of our family, friends, and nature.” Like nature, all her designs are three-dimensional, colourful, and self-expressive.

Picture of Rozita Kasuto

Rozita Kasuto

Enamel Artis


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