Salvator Barki
Republic Day in Turkey
60×90 cm



Salvator Barki

Salvator was born in August 1956 in Istanbul. His first experience with a camera was a SLR that his grandfather bought him as a present when he was 15-16 years old. Salvator used to take black and white photos and tried to develop and print them at home with an old enlarger, which he had set up in the small toilet.

Salvator retook photography in his 40s, and decided to become a professional photographer, enrolled in a photography course in IFSAK, where he took courses from Mr. Izzet Keribar mainly.

The artist considers himself a travel photographer, and his works have been published in Atlas Magazine, Turkish Airlines. Skylife Magazine and Anadolu Jet Magazine, and in National Geographic, among many others, as well as assignments for some large companies and hotels. Salvator is also a contributor to Getty Images.

Salvator is an ingenious photographer who successfully captures the ongoing process of life, time, and place.

Picture of Salvator Barki

Salvator Barki



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