Seyfi İşman
The Sun Rises from the East
Mixed Media on oil painting
120×100 cm


Contemporary Artist

Seyfi İşman

Born in Istanbul, Seyfi İşman graduated from Marmara Dentistry Faculty in 1972. He served as a dentist in Hakkari for a while, got married in 1974 and opened his practice.

İşman commenced a long journey with art with painting classes he attended at a young age. While studying at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, he attended night courses at the Beit Tsalel Art Academy and learned the art of batik painting. After returning to Istanbul, he took classes in Art History, Comparative Art and Painting in the years of studying dentistry. Seyfi has participated in more than 20 exhibitions, among them, work including from silk, to canvas, mirrors and metal – all linking in the shared subject of spiritualism.

İşman, is also passionate about film and cinema, has also conceptualised and created 10 short films where the one titled “While Thinking” has won an award at the İKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts) film festival organized by Nokia.

İşman contributes to Jewish heritage education by airing his films at a leading highschool in Istanbul – Ulus High School, multiple times a year, covering films for Jewish film festivals, explaining the deep and rich Jewish cultures, customs, life styles, directors and actors. He continues to give talks about cinema in various associations.

İşman is an excellent multidisciplinary artist represented in sepharad art and culture in Istanbul.

Picture of Seyfi İşman

Seyfi İşman

Contemporary Artist


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