Sheila Gulman Niyego
Dancing in the Rain
Acrylic pouring medium paint
40×50 cm


Contemporary Artist

Sheila Gulman Niyego

Sheila Niyego, born in Istanbul in 1958, completed her studies abroad and returned to her home country, Turkey, in 1978. In 1993 she participated in Gökhan Anlagan’s painting classes for two years. Straight after, she continued her work with Mahir Güven for six years. She has been painting with Altan Celem for the last ten years.

The artist participated in many showings. Her paintings have been exhibited with the students of Mahir Güven in 1997 at Passion Art House and Ekav Art Gallery in 2006. Additionally, together with her artist friends at her studio, she exhibited her paintings at Deniz Museum in 2002, Akademililer Art House in 2005 and Çukurcuma Gallery Artist in 2007.

In May 2009, Seyla Niyego had her first personal exhibition called “Musicians” at Bebek Lulu’s Cafe. Her “Women” exhibition followed at the same place in June 2009.

The artist had her third personal exhibition called “Lonely Crowds” at Çukurcuma Gallery Artist in February 2011 and her most recent personal exhibition, “Journey”, took place at the same gallery in May 2012.

Lastly, in April 2014 she attended the exhibition “Artistas Sefardies – Desde Estambul a Barcelona” which was held in Barcelona. The artist continues to produce her artworks in her atelier in Istanbul. In 2018 she also participated in “1492: Göke” Exhibition organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London Sheila’s paintings are rich in imagination. She knows perfectly to domain the colours and her creations are always full of feeling, emotions and movement. For that reason, sometimes a stranger’s smile, sometimes the perfection in nature and sometimes the emotions embedded in a specific moment trigger her and this is her philosophy of art. She feels the urge to pour onto the canvas what she sees with her eyes and feels within her heart. She believes life is a beautiful journey that should be shared with others.

Sheila is an ingenious contemporary artist, developing her own visual expression. Through her use of light and atmospheric colours her artworks reach to a new level of sophistication.

Picture of Sheila Gulman Niyego

Sheila Gulman Niyego

Contemporary Artist


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