Sibel Razzon
Kamondo Stairs
60×90 cm



Sibel Razzon

Sibel was born in Istanbul in 1967. She studied Computer Engineering at Yıldız Technical University and is a mother of two.

She was introduced to photography by her dad. He loved capturing memories in photos and films, which captivated Sibel in her early age. Her love of photography changed to an obsession after her introductory education with the Focus group. Since then, she has been spending most of her spare time taking pictures. Currently she is a member of The Istanbul Amateur Photography and Cinema Society and is participating in several projects.

Sibel’s favourite genre to work with is street photography. What makes her happy is not only capturing the beauty on the streets, but also connecting with the people as she encounters their lives. The human connection is the core of what she loves about photography.

Sibel is a brilliant photographer, her photographs have a strong sense of observation, who knows how to reflect day-to-day life.

Picture of Sibel Razzon

Sibel Razzon



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