Tania Sisa
Old City View of Istanbul
Mixed Media on oil painting
40×60 cm



Tania Sisa

Tania Sisa was born in Istanbul in the year 1971 into a Sephardic family and is still living in Istanbul. She studied business and administration. After university she worked 20 years in a medical publication company as a coordinator of the medical magazines and books. She was always interested in art and photography. After she left the job, she started to get some education for her favourite hobby photography. After basic photography education, she attended more courses about portrait, macro, advanced nature and birth photography. She launched her web site about birth photography in 2015, opened her studio in 2017 and started to work professionally. She is also working  in  the  educational  unit in the oldest photography association

İFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Club) as an assistant educator in basic photography courses and different workshops. She has lots of acceptances and one silver medal in many international FIAP competitions. Tania is an amazing photographer who beautifully achieved to transmit creations and freeze them in time like a special memory in her photographs.

Some of the photography project studies & photography exhibitions attended are “Edirne: City of Cultural Encounters” at Edirne Grand Synagogue, “Of Course, Life is also my right”,  at  Eyup  Cultural  Center,  “Jewish  Symbols from the Jewish Photographers”, at Italian Synagogue, “Le Jeu” 19. Biennale International de L’Image, at Nancy, France, “We are all the same + 1 difference”. A photography exhibition  on  behalf  of  İZEV  at  Akmerkez  Mall,  “Haliç  and its Districts”, at The Photographers’ Gallery, “Photomaraton” on behalf of UNICEF, one full day in Istanbul, “Light & Shadow”, at The Photographers’ Gallery, “One Nostalgia of Istanbul”, at IFSAK, “My Istanbul”, at CKM Cultural Center, “Happiness”, at Palladium Mall, “Hands of Masters” at Profilo Mall, “Doors and Lifes”, “1492 GOKE Collective Art Exhibition of Turkish Sephardic Artists” London, “Bountiful Empire” London and   “Paw Photography Project” She organized this photography project that all income was a donation for street pets in Istanbul. Additionally, Tania’s photography shows are “Galapagos Islands” at IFSAK, “Belgrade” at The Photographers’ Gallery.

Tania is a brilliant photographer, her imagery is inspired by emotion and nature, who successfully transmits the beauty of life.

Picture of Tania Sisa

Tania Sisa



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