Terry Katalan
Earth Carpet
Mixed Media on oil painting on Canvas, Collage
900 x 150 cm

This project has been dearly supported by the Yunus Emre Institute of London, the Yunus Emre Instituut of Amsterdam and Yunus Emre Institute Madrid alongside Yunus Emre Institute of Berlin.


Contemporary Artist & Curator of the Exhibition

Terry Katalan

Terry Katalan was born in Istanbul in 1965 into a Sephardic family, and after living many years in Barcelona, she is currently based in London. Since her early years, she felt a great admiration and devotion for the art of painting, thus she tries to transmit
this feeling through her artwork.

After having studied different painting techniques freely and having experimented with them, she has been devoted to a range of stylistic varieties. Between the years 1980 and 1987 she shaped her own artistic language and her own style. Her imaginative and tasteful works with plain and complicated compositions are solid proof of her strong artistic talent and colourfulness.

Moreover, Terry Katalan is a member of the Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine (FICF). Her art works have been published in the prestigious Catalan art book of ‘Artistas para el Museo de Mañana’ (which is translated into ‘Artists for the Museum of Tomorrow’) and many other Spanish art magazines. The artist had the privilege of meeting the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at one of her exhibitions where she had the honour of giving one of her paintings to him. Furthermore, with great distinction she has also gifted one of her paintings from the Nazar collection to the Queen of Spain Doña Sofía, with the intention of reinforcing a cultural bridge between Istanbul and Barcelona. In addition to this, one of her artworks is currently being displayed in the Girona Museum. After curating the exhibition in the Royal Institute of British Architects (2012), she was honoured to present one of her paintings as a gift to her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate her 60th Jubilee year.

In 2016, one of her paintings was also gifted to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, by the Turkish Embassy of London as a token from Terry Katalan’s ‘Mother Nature’ exhibition that took place at Yunus Emre Institute to honour International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. In 2017 a fascinating exhibition named “Mihri Müşfik and Istanbul”, both to honour the first Ottoman Female Artist Mihri Müşfik and again to celebrate International Women’s Day was curated by Terry Katalan and organised by Yunus Emre Institute. She also curated the exhibitions ‘1492: Göke’ took place in La Galleria Pall Mall in 2018 and ‘Bountiful Empire’ in 2019 organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London. After exhibiting her paintings in Istanbul, Barcelona, Madrid, Gerona, Frankfurt, London, and Paris, she continues to create and produce her paintings and curating art projects in London.

Terry is the founder of the Earth Carpet Project: a mural collage (9x 1.5m) inspired by the beauty, shapes, energy, colours and heritage of Anatolian carpets and kilims, as well as nature itself. The carpet integrates various types of waste, including: organic waste (such as dried leaves), excess textiles (such as from rugs), and other scrap materials (glass, metal, wood, ceramic etc.). In this way, the Earth Carpet, through art, can humbly be used to promote the Turkish Government’s ‘Zero Waste’
(Sıfır Atık) Initiative, which aims to reduce the volume of non-recyclable waste, and make Turkey a world-leader in waste reduction.

Terry Katalan

Terry Katalan

Contemporary Artist & Curator of the Exhibition


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