Tuna Angel
60×90 cm



Tuna Angel

As a consul-trainer giving seminars on executive and personal development in Turkey and abroad for 21 years, She has started taking photographs for the last four years, nonetheless it has become my best occupation since then. Lately she has become thoroughly interested in candid street photography where she can capture the natural emotions and expressions of people on the streets. She also loves to catch some street scenes with a story behind. She usually prefers to use flash. She has taken part in various national and international photography exhibitions. She is also an  editor  of two large international photography platforms on Facebook. She has been interviewed by various platforms and magazines. Besides candid street photographs by flash, She also takes conceptual photographs that trigger a current of thought on the fundamental theme of ontology as she believes the philosophy behind existentialism is one of our eternal discussions. She also takes photos documenting the urban transformation in various districts of Istanbul.

She believes photography is about the freedom in expressing ourselves with our unique points of view. It sure is a long lasting way of communicating with new generations, leaving a legacy for documentation, passing the emotions of the era, giving clues on political approaches and living styles through the eyes of various witnesses of those times. And she believes it is one of the easiest ways of communication that passes the message instantly to the viewer and letting him elaborate on his own.

Thus, She definitely hopes and tries to hand down the zeitgeist of the streets to the next generations.

Tuna is a brilliant photographer, the artist always pursues personal projects which push her limits, and her excellent photographs can translate all things related to life.

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Tuna Angel



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