Verda Habib
Galata Tower
50×60 cm


Watercolor Artist

Verda Habib

Verda was born in 1962, in Istanbul. She has studied in Notre Dame de Sion High school and then she continued her education in Mimar Sinan University with an Architecture degree.

Between 1982 and 1985 she worked for Salom Newspaper as the inland news reporter. Later, she worked in various Architecture and Interior Design companies. Since 2002 she has been the director of Elkay Chemicals.

Between 1984 and 2014 the artist has exhibited many exhibitions in various galleries and art events in Istanbul such as Galata Art Gallery, Collective Art Exhibition in Notre Dame De Sion and Year Art Events. In 2014, she also attended the ‘Artistas Sefardies’ exhibition in Barcelona.

In 2009 she painted the pictures of some parts of the book “Tora” by Ester Asa and further on in 2014 she painted the pictures for the book “Yeshua”.

In 2012 she designed a special Sefer Torah for the memory of Yoel Kohen Ulcer. In 2018 she participated in “1492: Göke” Exhibition organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London.

The artist has specialized in watercolour paintings in which the  paints  are made of pigments suspended in a water based solution. She is using many thin brushes and glaze on top of one another, producing rich colours and tones. While she is producing her paintings, she is passionate with pastel tones and she focuses on portraits and historical monuments like Galata Tower in Istanbul.

Verda’s paintings successfully translate her emotions with a touch of romanticism to create playful works that capture vibrant interest and energy.

Picture of Verda Habib

Verda Habib

Watercolor Artist


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